Room Sizing and Ventilation Specification

Room Sizing

If you are planning to add tanning equipment to your salon, the room size is an important factor you must consider. A lot of sunbeds nowadays have temperature sensors to stop them from overheating, however, if units are placed in rooms that are too small additional problems will occur.

For lie-downs, a room size of 8ft 6in long x 7ft 6in wide is the bare minimum space required. For stand-ups, a room size of 6ft 6in width x 7ft in length is the bare minimum space required. For a stand-up sunbed, you will require a minimum floor to ceiling height of 8ft.

These measurements are the minimum internal measurements and MUST be adhered to.
Please note, if the room sizes are not as above and we cannot complete the installation, you will lose all monies paid.
There are some laydowns and stand-up sunbeds that are larger models and require a larger space – please always check room size with us before building any rooms/cubicles.

When you are having cubicles built, please speak to us first as you must avoid all tight turns, corridors, steps, and stairs to make sure the bed will go in. The sunbeds we offer are very large and rarely fit down narrow corridors, tight turns, or stairs.

If your rooms are pre-built and do have any of these in then you must send us images and a video from the entrance, walking to each individual room where the beds are going before ordering your sunbeds. This will help us determine if the sunbeds will fit through the salon before you place your order. If we arrive at the premises on installation day and you have not informed us of these, or the measurements are different, and the sunbed cannot go in, you will lose all monies paid, as all upfront payments are fully non-refundable. If you have purchased the sunbeds, and the beds will not fit, the sunbeds will be left at the premises uninstalled. If your salon can be altered for the sunbeds to be installed, after the work has been done, there will be an additional installation cost for us to return. All monies paid are non-refundable.

We highly recommend having washroom cubicles. These do not require building work as they fit together with brackets, bolts, and Allen keys. They are easy to put up and take down which is ideal for installation, as you can remove the fronts of the cubicles for the day of installation and put them back on once the installation is complete. If having a corridor is unavoidable, these are the only cubicles you can have for this reason.

If you have pre-built plaster cubicles, then no building work can be done around the sunbeds once they are installed. This means the rooms must be built with very easy access, with a large open space outside the cubicle so there is plenty of room to maneuver. There can be no narrow corridors, stairs, or tight turns.

The sunbeds will fit through a standard-size door; however, it is important to consider the positioning of the door in relation to where the sunbed is going in the room. All doors from the sunbed room MUST open outwards. If the sunbed is going against a side wall rather than a back wall, the door would need to go as far to the other side as possible, so the sunbed does not obstruct the doorway when in. please find the image below –