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Selling a Commercial Sunbed

Do you have a sunbed for sale? Not sure how much it’s worth or how to go about it. Then, ECS Sunbeds are the perfect answer for you. We have access to tanning salons all over the UK that are looking for sunbeds for sale. We can take away the hassle of you trying to find a buyer for your sunbed. Simply contact us and we will send you our questionnaire, which is a simple form asking for details about the sunbed you have for sale. One of the advantages of advertising your sunbed with us is we have the expertise and team to uninstall it and reinstall it. The biggest issue people have when selling sunbeds is having no one to remove them. When selling on auction or sales platforms, such as eBay and others, people advertise sunbeds at ridiculous prices, we will give you an honest, no messing about valuation for your sunbed and we will put it out to all our clients that are looking to buy a commercial sunbed.

Ergoline 500 Inspiration sunbedEven if you have a domestic sunbed (home), we have clients who are looking to buy sunbeds for their homes. Buying a sunbed can be a daunting process, we take all the hassle and stress out of it for you. ECS Sunbeds are the largest supplier of fully refurbished sunbeds in the UK, we stock Ergoline sunbeds, Megasun sunbeds along with American Leisure stand-ups, these stand-ups are the most used in salons throughout the UK. They are renowned for their performance and reliability. When you purchase a sunbed, whether it’s from us or another seller, at ECS Sunbeds we offer the only sunbed care plan for all sunbeds, this care plan gives you direct access to sunbed technicians via email, facetime, and normal telephone calls if you have an issue with your sunbed. A benefit to the sunbed maintenance plan is that you get a guaranteed call-out price should you require a technician to visit. It does not matter how many sunbeds you have as we can cover all of them for you. At the end of 12 months,  you will receive a free service for your sunbed. So if you would like to sell a sunbed, buy a sunbed, or are simply looking for sunbed maintenance then, ECS Sunbeds are your number one choice.

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