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Sunbed Acrylics

Do you require a Sunbed Acrylic or Sunbed Perspex, as some of you like to call it, but don’t know where to purchase one from or which sunbed Perspex to buy? Should it be a body mould one or can I have a flat sunbed acrylic? Then ECS Sunbeds are the right place for you. We supply Ergoline acrylics along with Megasun Perspex, we also have flat sunbed Perspex to fit any lie-down or stand-up sunbed. It is worth mentioning that sunbed acrylics come in different thicknesses ranging from 2mm up to 8mm in thickness.

Megasun and Ergoline lie-down sunbeds all require 8mm for the base acrylic, whilst for stand-up sunbeds, most of them take 2 to 3mm in sunbed acrylics. A sunbed acrylic is one of the most important pieces of equipment for your sunbed, without one you simply can’t use it. You should always clean your sunbed Perspex with the correct sanitiser such as Twist Clean from American Leisure is one of the most popular sunbed sanitiser in the UK. It does not leave any streaks and gives a crystal-clear reflection when used. Never use an abrasive cloth when cleaning your sunbed as this will leave a cloudy effect on your sunbed acrylic which will never go. A sunbed acrylic should last you several years when looked after properly. We advise that you should place signs in your sunbed room saying please do not put your feet up on the sunbed when tying laces or putting shoes on, you’d be surprised how many sunbed Perspex get broken by clients miss using them.

ECS Sunbeds stock most acrylics for Ergoline sunbeds and Megasun sunbeds. However, if you require a different one, we can usually obtain them within 2-3 days. Some sunbed acrylics require bars attached to them for when they lock to the canopy. Some have vents built in as well as aqua jets. It is always important to remember that when you purchase sunbed acrylic, you only receive the acrylic. All the parts of your old sunbed Perspex must be transferred onto your new one. You must always use a reputable sunbed fitter if you cannot do this yourself. ECS Sunbed fits sunbed acrylics all over the UK and we have the correct tools for removing bars etc from your old acrylic. We will remove your old sunbed Perspex free of charge. So, if you are looking for sunbed acrylics then ECS Sunbeds are your first choice.

For more information just call 0151 925 6344 or send a message from our contact form here.