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Sunbed hire in Coventry

Are you looking to hire a sunbed for your salon in Coventry? Then the obvious choice is ECS Sunbeds. ECS is a leader in the field of renting tanning equipment, both Ergoline lie-down sunbeds and American Leisure stand-up sunbeds. If you would prefer to buy your sunbed equipment, there are many options to make this easier for you including finance. However, when you have a small business or are a start-up business it may not be the best choice for your business, in that case hiring an Ergoline sunbed is a very good option. With ECS, with rental sunbeds, you will receive FREE servicing and FREE repairs (this does not include anything caused by neglect). This is something you will not get with any other sunbed supplier in the UK.

When it comes to retubing your sunbed, after 600 hours of usage you have a choice.

You can either:

  • Purchase your lamps from ECS Sunbeds at a discounted price, along with FREE fitting.
  • You can purchase your lamps from an alternative supplier and fit them yourself or you can use a qualified sunbed engineer to install your lamps.

All the tanning lamps that go into your rental tanning beds must be EU 0.3 regulated. Any tanning lamps fitted into your rental sunbed/s by anyone else (other than by ECS Sunbeds), ECS Sunbeds will not be held liable for non-compliance. Any damage to our rental sunbeds, whilst it is being retubed by any engineer, (unless it is ECS Sunbeds), the client will have to pay for the repair.

Ergoline 450 Inspiration SunbedECS Sunbeds has a showroom where you can view the sunbeds with a fully trained, experienced consultant to assist you in finding the right tanning machine for your business that will fit your budget. ECS Sunbeds is the perfect partner for your business. In recent years sunbed hire in Coventry has become more popular than ever as having a glowing tan is at the top of many of your client’s lists. ECS Sunbeds offers a comprehensive service that can provide you with quality Ergoline sunbeds at affordable prices to rent or buy. They have qualified Ergoline-trained engineers available to service them. They will work around your schedule to make sure that your business is not disrupted you can also buy all of your tanning lotions and accessories directly from ECS Sunbeds they stock the latest and best products and are leaders in the industry.

Contact ECS Sunbeds today and find out more about how to hire a sunbed from their range of Ergoline and American Leisure sunbeds at affordable prices. You can view our range of sunbeds to hire here or you can call for more information at 0151 924 6344. In no time at all that small space in your salon could be making you a profit with a sunbed hired from ECS Sunbeds.