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Sunbed Maintenance for your Salon Equipment

Buying or renting a commercial sunbed can be an expensive investment for your business, so we want to make sure the lifetime of your sunbed is as long as possible. To keep your equipment in a healthy and working condition, you need to stay on top of your sunbed maintenance.

This blog will take you through your maintenance program step by step, ensuring you are doing all you can to limit unnecessary extra service costs.

sunbed technician for ergoline, megasun and american leisure sunbedsCleaning your filters, even though it is a very simple task, we have found this is very often overlooked. Sunbed cleaning shouldn’t end with the cleaning of the acrylics. Of course, cleaning the exterior is important, we should equally take extra care of the inside of our sunbed.

The number of filters and their location in the sunbed will vary depending on the make, model, and specification of the sunbed. All good and reputable sunbed businesses will give comprehensive training to the salon owners, and their staff, on how clean the filters thoroughly and safely.

Canopy Filters can be found on the back of your sunbed’s canopy, they are usually foam filters. If they are not regularly and correctly maintained, the sunbed filters can cause overheating. To clean them, all you have to do is pull them out and give them a good hoover. Once that is done you can slide them back into place. We recommend you should replace them with new ones now and then. You will know when they will need replacing, as they will begin to crumble.

The Base Filters catch the dust and dirt coming into your sunbed. To ensure your tanning machine gets enough airflow, you will need to clean them regularly. Failing to clean these filters will cause the sunbed to overheat and cut out. The base filters can be found inside the front cover of the sunbed. They look like square-shaped metal grills. You can either hoover them or clean them with water and soap. Always make sure all filters are completely dry before putting them back into the front cover.

 Ergoline Air Conditioning Filters. Every air-conditioning unit will have 2 filters. They look like metal grills and one of them is square shaped, the other is rectangular. These two filters stop dust and dirt from getting into the air-conditioning unit. Without these filters, there is a high chance the dust would block the unit causing it to overheat, and it would eventually blow. You can take care of these filters the same way you would with your sunbed base filters.

On a Megasun sunbed, the filters in the front of the canopy are the most overlooked filters by Megasun sunbed owners. To find these filters, you will need to undo your top canopy acrylics. Not cleaning this filter regularly would restrict the airflow into the canopy and will eventually cause overheating problems.

Shoulder Tanner Grill – Ergoline

This applies only to bigger Ergoline units like Esprit or Prestige models for example. The grill is placed behind shoulder tanners. Make sure they are also hoovered regularly.

If you rent or buy a sunbed from ECS Sunbeds, you will receive full training, for you and your staff, on the installation day. The training will cover all aspects of how to operate the sunbed and how to clean and maintain your sunbed. If you experience any issues, ECS Sunbeds can help you.

If you require any further information or help with your sunbed, then please call 0151 924 6344