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Sunbed Not Working

Sunbed not working? Do you have a sunbed that needs urgent repair? Do you have a sunbed that isn’t being used due to having faults and you can’t find anyone to repair it? Then ECS Sunbeds is the right place for you. We cover the whole of the UK. All our sunbed fitters are fully trained on Ergoline sunbeds, Megasun sunbeds, and many more brands of sunbeds. We carry most spare parts with us so we will be able to fix your bed on the first visit, whether you live in Cornwall or Aberdeen then we are the perfect fit for you.

sunbed technician for ergoline, megasun and american leisure sunbedsThere is nothing more frustrating than having a broken-down sunbed that isn’t earning you any money or you can’t find anyone to repair it as where you live there aren’t any sunbed technicians. Maybe your sunbed requires a new acrylic, but that’s not a problem we stock most acrylics, and we are probably one of the only sunbed companies that stock 100’s of sunbed acrylics.

Once you have had your sunbed repaired, or even if your sunbed is working perfectly, one of the best ways to keep it in tip-top condition is to have a sunbed care plan for your sunbed or sunbeds. ECS Sunbeds is the only company in the UK that will place your sunbed on a maintenance care plan, no matter what sunbed it is or its age. We will service and repair your sunbed on a monthly payment plan, there is no other sunbed care plan available in the UK. Having a sunbed care plan cuts down on repairs and potential repair costs, we also give you a guaranteed call-out fee saving you 100’s of pounds on callouts or when you need a sunbed technician. With our care plan, you have direct access to our fitters who can answer any questions you may have.

So if you have a sunbed that needs repair or you would like more information on our sunbed care plan simply give our sales team a call today and we will be happy to answer any questions or queries you may have, and hopefully, we can get you back up and running, remember a broken sunbed earns no money and clients won’t wait forever. So, if you have a sunbed in need of repair anywhere in the UK then call the UK’s largest sunbed repair company today at 0151 924 6344 or visit our Care Plan web page here.