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Sunbed repairs, Servicing and Maintenance Plan

Do you have a sunbed in need of repair? Do you struggle to get someone to fix your sunbed? Then ECS Sunbeds are your perfect choice. We specialise in repairing and servicing sunbeds such as Ergoline sunbeds and Megasun sunbeds. We also cover many other brands of lie-down sunbeds and we can repair and service all types of stand-up sunbeds. Whenever your sunbed breaks down it’s important to find a company that knows what the issue is and has the correct parts to fix it.

ECS Sunbeds is the first company in the UK to offer a sunbed Care Plan. We know that servicing a tanning salon can be a costly experience and at the end of the season when business slows down it can be a struggle, ECS now has a sunbed Care Package that allows you to spread the payments of servicing sunbeds over 12 months. There are also lots of benefits with the package such as unlimited help via email and phone calls with an engineer. If you have minor issues with your sunbed, it has a fixed call-out charge no matter where you are located and how many sunbeds you have.

Our sunbed Care Plan also offers a discount on sunbed lotions, sunbed acrylics, sunbed sanitiser, and stationery. Never has any sunbed company been able to offer such a deal for all tanning salons across the country. How are we able to do this? Well, it’s simple, ECS Sunbeds is the largest sunbed rental company in the UK, along with the fact that we sell more reconditioned sunbeds than anyone. We have a team of 8 fully trained sunbed engineers who are dedicated to servicing, repairs, retubes, and maintenance throughout the UK. We specialise in servicing Ergoline sunbeds along with Megasun and American Leisure stand-up sunbeds. We also cover brands such as Luxura, Ultra-Sun, Tansun, Sunquest, Soltron, and many more so fixing sunbeds and servicing them is second nature to us.

ECS Sunbeds give you peace of mind. In the case of your sunbed breaking down, we can get to you in prompt time and can fix your sunbed to get you back up and running reducing any downtime. If you are struggling with a sunbed that breaks down often and you are tired of waiting for a sunbed engineer to call out to you, try ECS Sunbeds today you will not need to look anywhere else.

For more information just call 0151 924 6344 or send a message via our contact form here.