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Sunbed Repairs – Sunbed Maintenance

Sunbed engineer, sunbed fitter, sunbed acrylic, Ergoline fitter, Megasun fitter, Megasun engineer, Ergoline engineer, have you a sunbed that needs repairing? Can’t find a sunbed fitter that can fit your sunbed or service it, then ECS Sunbeds are the company for you, we cover the whole of the UK when it comes to repairing sunbeds, maintaining sunbeds and fitting sunbeds, no job is too big for us.

ECS SUNBEDS SERVICEThe quicker your sunbed is repaired the faster you start earning again, our sunbed technicians carry most parts with them making repairing a sunbed more likely than not. At ECS Sunbeds we don’t just repair Ergoline sunbeds and Megasun sunbeds, we repair the older sunbeds such as Zeniths, Aurora, Hapro, Alisun, plus many other makes of sunbeds.

Sunbed servicing, sunbed maintenance, sunbed care plan, sunbed Perspex, whenever you have tanning equipment its essential that you get it serviced and maintained regularly, this keeps your sunbed free from breaking down as a sunbed engineer can spot things during the service that could potentially affect the performance of your sunbed, also keeping your sunbed serviced keeps your repair bills down, also whenever you have tanning equipment always check the sunbed acrylic, all sunbed acrylics show fizzes these are small heat fractures in your sunbed Perspex, its quite normal for this to occur and it does not mean your sunbed acrylic is defective or in need of replacement, the only time it requires replacing is if a crack appears then, in that case, the sunbed should not be used.


Sunbed tubes, sunbed lamps, tubes for sunbeds, sunbed bulbs, it’s always important to wipe your tanning lamps down from time to time with a damp cloth, over some time your tanning lamps get a film of dust over the top of them, believe it or not, this can affect the tanning performance by as much as 25%, from time to time you may get your clients saying oh that bed doesn’t tan me the same, this is a typical example of lamps having a film of dust over the top of them, we would recommend every 4-6 weeks wiping your lamps down along with wiping the underneath of the base acrylic, and also lowering the canopy acrylic and wiping the part that is closest to the tanning lamps. Following these small tips will prolong the life of your lamps, and give your clients the maximum benefit when tanning.

For more information just call 0151 924 6344 where our team is always here to help you.