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Sunbed showroom

ECS Sunbeds have the only fully-serviced sunbed showroom in the UK. Our sunbed showroom contains a combination of new and fully reconditioned sunbeds from the biggest names in sunbed manufacturers. For lie-down sunbeds, we use Ergoline sunbeds and for stand-ups, we offer the American Leisure stand-up. Of course, we offer other brands such as Megasun and Luxura, where we stock some models for you to view. In total, we have around 20 new and reconditioned sunbeds for you to view, and test if you wish to do so.

We have a fully trained customer service team who will sit with you and go through any questions you may have, such as floor plan – maybe you need help on how to lay out your salon, maybe you’re not sure where to put all your sunbeds – how many sunbeds will you fit in your sunbed salon? Maybe you’re not sure how many lie-down sunbeds to have or whether you should have two stand-up sunbeds or, how many of each. All our sales team have the knowledge and experience to answer any of these questions.  We will give you a welcome pack that contains information on sunbed cubicles, electrical specifications, and ventilation. Maybe you have a spare room in your existing business, and you would like to see what will fit in your room or what is the best option – is it to buy a sunbed or hire a sunbed?

With over 25 years of experience in the tanning industry both supplying sunbeds to salons and owning a chain of sunbed shops, ECS sunbeds are the experts. We are the UK’s largest sunbed rental company and certainly in the top 2 companies for supplying new and reconditioned sunbeds. Appointments are not necessary, but they are advisable as we will spend typically between 1-2 hours with you showing you all our sunbeds along with our warehouse where you can see the reconditioned phase taking place. We always recommend if you’re spending your money on a business go and see exactly what you want, please do not buy from a picture as when you spend your money you need to be sure that what you are getting fits what you require, you wouldn’t spend money on a car without seeing it.

We also offer all the sunbed stationary along with sunbed lotion that you will need when opening a sunbed salon. When you rent a sunbed or buy a sunbed from ECS Sunbeds we give you a welcome pack containing sunbed stationery and a selection of the most popular tanning lotions to get you on your way. So, why not visit the experts today and get peace of mind from the experts?

For further information just call 0151 924 6344 or message us through the contact us page.