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Sunbed Tubes

Are you looking for Sunbed Tubes? Not sure which sunbed tubes to buy or what sunbed tubes are the best? Well, ECS Sunbeds are one of the largest distributors of sunbed tubes in Europe. We stock the American Leisure range of tanning lamps; these sunbed tubes have been designed as lamp replacements for sunbed tubes in Ergoline sunbeds and Megasun sunbeds, they are also made for Luxura sunbeds and many other brands of sunbeds.

Smartlite Maxi Twist Collatan Tanning LampAmerican Leisure offers 0.3 sunbed tubes along with other types of sunbed tubes. We also offer other tubes for sunbeds such as high-pressure facials, GY9.5 and R7s, and V250w, these high-pressure facials range have different wattage, so if you’re not sure what sunbed tubes you require, simply tell us the model of the sunbed and we will do the rest.

When you buy sunbed tubes, we can supply and fit your tanning lamps for you, we offer a sunbed retube service throughout the UK. We can service and retube your sunbed with American Leisure sunbed tubes at competitive prices. We will also remove your old sunbed lamps free of charge for recycling, all other companies charge for this but at ECS Sunbeds we will not charge you. When you buy sunbed tubes, it is always best practice to buy sunbed starters (if your sunbed has them,) replacing sunbed starters help your new lamps ignite and reduce flickering when tanning lamps first fire up. Replacing your sunbed starter also helps your lamps from getting that black ring at the top or bottom of the lamp which is caused when the sunbed starter tries to start your sunbed tube.

We also sell ‘chip’ cards for electronic sunbeds as you will require these to reset the hourage for the sunbed. Electronic ballast sunbeds require special sunbed tubes as they are filled with a different gas than normal magnetic tanning lamps. If you are unsure or have any questions, simply pop us a call and we can go through all the options and get the correct lamp specifications for your sunbed. Keeping your sunbed retubed and serviced will give your clients the best possible tan. Sometimes, tanning salons wait too long to change their sunbed tubes and clients will begin to look elsewhere for sunbeds that are retubed regularly. To keep that perfect tan at all times and keep your sunbed in the best possible condition then a Sunbed Retube and a Sunbed Service is the thing for you. After each retubes and service we will issue you with a certificate for your records. For help or more information call 0151 924 6344.