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Sunbed tubes for Ergoline and a Megasun sunbed

Do you own an Ergoline sunbed or even a Megasun sunbed and it requires a retube? Are you not sure what tubes you should buy for your sunbed? Well, this blog will help you when you are deciding. There are many types and different brands of sunbed tanning tubes in the UK but, which one will perform the best? As a lamp replacement, the American Leisure range of tanning lamps is one of the best on the market.

Why? Well, when other brands make sunbed tubes such as Cosmedico, they produce a range of lamps with just an X-Code. “What is an X-Code” I hear you say. An X-Code is the strength of the tanning lamp, the higher the X-Code the stronger the lamp is in layman’s terms, cosmedico tanning lamps simply produce lamps with let’s say a range of lamps with X-Code 31, 33, 36, 41 in the 0.3 range of lamps then they will sell whatever lamp the client requires, this is not a wrong way of producing lamps for sunbeds as depending what country you are based in depends on what X-Code you require and cosmedico tanning lamps are one of the leading tanning lamps available.

Smartlite Excellence Tanning LampSo, what does American Leisure do differently, well when American Leisure produces tanning lamps they make a range of lamps and then test them in the most popular sunbed and take readings and data of how they perform, then if the tanning lamp requires tweaking to perfect it they tweak it, all American Leisure tanning lamps are tested constantly in Ergoline sunbeds, Megasun sunbeds, and Luxura sunbeds to name a few, they are run for 800 hours in these machines and the data readings such as strength, UVA, UVB readings are taken to see if there is and drop off in UV readings, finally every 100 hours reading is taken to see what depreciation is in the lamp up to 800 hours, no other lamp brand do this for sunbed tube production, so when you get a tanning lamp from American Leisure you can be safe in the knowledge that it will perform in your sunbed far better than any rival lamp brand? American Leisure lamps are guaranteed for their hourage, again no other lamp brand offer this, so you can see the lengths American Leisure go to when they develop tanning lamps. This is why when you purchase a set of tanning lamps from American Leisure you get quality, longevity, and the best possible tan from a tanning lamp.

Next time your Ergoline sunbed or Megasun sunbed requires retubing, think about what it is you want your sunbed tube to do for you. If it is that it lasts the hourage it claims, or perform to the best of its ability to give you a constant tan throughout the lifetime of the lamp, then American Leisure is the best choice.

If you would like more information then just call our expert team on 0151 924 6344.