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Sunbed Tubes

All sunbeds require sunbed tubes. The tanning lamps in your sunbed should last around 800 hours if they are a reputable brand. There are lots of different brands of the amp on the market all claiming to be the best and have the longest hour lifespan. At ECS Sunbeds, we have the American Leisure range of lamps, why? Well, simply put, they are the market leader in tanning lamps.

They have been developing tanning lamps for many years with their technical engineers. They have spent many years at the lamp manufacturers designing and developing tanning lamps for companies all over the world. It is this experience that has been brought into the development of American Leisure tanning lamps, making the brand one of the largest-selling brands in Europe.

Smartlite I-Brite Tanning LampAll tanning lamps have a different hour-lifespan, this can be determined by a data sheet that all lamp manufacturers have to supply when producing lamps. One of the biggest questions any sunbed salon owner asks before buying sunbed tubes is how strong are the lamps. The strength of a tanning lamp is determined by the “X-code” which can be found on the bottom of any etch on the lamp. It’s a number that appears from 33 to 155 the smaller the number the weaker the lamp. Another question is how dark a tan will I get from the lamps? Again, this is determined by the UVA mixture in the phosphor in your tanning lamp. The higher the uva the darker the tan… it’s as simple as that.

When you have tanning lamps from new, you may see a dark ring appears at the bottom of the lamp. This is a natural process of the tanning lamp after approximately 50 hours of usage. it shouldn’t be an extremely dark ring, but it should be noticeable. It can be a costly experience when retubing a sunbed, we always advise that you try to buy a reputable brand. ECS Sunbeds are the largest sunbed rental company in the UK. They are also one of the largest suppliers of fully reconditioned sunbeds and all of our machines are supplied with American Leisure tanning lamps. All of our clients compliment us on the tanning lamps saying all of their clients love them and they produce a fabulous tan. So you can see, we are not just simply saying “these are the best lamps on the market” we can say with all confidence that they are. Ninety-five percent of our clients choose to retube with us proving that American Leisure tanning lamps are one of the best tanning lamps on the market.

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