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Rental sunbeds near me, sunbeds near me, sunbeds near me for hire, sunbed technician near me. Do you have a tanning salon and are you looking for sunbed hire, or sunbed repairs near to where you are situated? Then, ECS Sunbeds are the perfect solution. ECS Sunbeds are the only sunbed repair company that cover the whole of the UK, we are the largest sunbed rental company in the UK and have the largest supply of sunbed engineers, who carry-out repairs and sunbed installs around the country.

ERGOLINE 1600 SUNBEDRent a sunbed near me is the perfect search term when looking for sunbed hire, sunbed finance, rent to buy sunbeds. These are some of the facilities ECS Sunbeds offer when you want to buy a sunbed. Our sunbed finance options are some of the most competitive in the sunbed finance market, we have tailor made packages to suit everyone’s budget, no matter how small or large the amount is.

Sunbeds bought on a rent to buy scheme with ECS Sunbeds is the perfect way to obtain sunbeds for those who have difficulty getting finance. There is a larger deposit to pay, in some cases its 50% of the total amount, and then the rest is taken over 12 months; there is no credit check. Purchasing sunbeds is a great way to obtain those Ergoline sunbeds or Megasun sunbeds that are in that “wow” league, some of these sunbeds are well over £30,000 so you can see why sunbed finance would be a great option. Sunbed hire, rent a sunbed, hire a sunbed, commercial sunbed hire, ECS Sunbeds are the UK’s only sunbed company that covers the whole of the UK, and for many years we have been renting Ergoline sunbeds along with Megasun sunbeds and American Leisure stand ups to salons up and down the country.

There is no job that’s too small, in fact we have rental sunbeds as far away as the Shetland isles. So now you can see we really do cover the whole of the UK. We only use the best manufactures when it comes to renting sunbeds, the very best for lie down sunbeds is Ergoline sunbeds closely followed by Megasun sunbeds, for stand up sunbeds in the UK there is only one choice, that is the American Leisure stand up sunbed. It appears in more tanning salons across the UK than any other stand up sunbed.

It is unrivalled in looks, performance and tanning results, it is designed and built for the rigors of a day to day tanning salon, giving an unrivalled performance. When you rent a stand up you will want to be sure that your sunbed can perform continually in all conditions without breaking down and the American Leisure stand up does just that. The fact it is in salons across the UK shows exactly why it’s the best performing stand up. In 2022 the American Leisure tanning equipment was awarded the Best Manufacturer in the the UK. It is a prestigious award that is given to UK manufactures, re-affirming American Leisure as the No1 best stand up sunbed in the UK.

If you would like more information then please call 0151 924 6344 and we will be delighted to help you.