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The UK’s Largest Sunbed Rental Company

Who is the Largest Sunbed Rental Company? Well, ECS Sunbeds are the largest sunbed hire company in the UK, they are also the largest supplier of fully reconditioned sunbeds, supplying brands such as Ergoline sunbeds, Megasun sunbeds and American Leisure stand ups. As well as commercial sunbeds, ECS also offer sunbed tubes, we offer the American Leisure range of tanning lamps along with sunbed creams from all the top manufactures. We also stock a wide variety of sunbed stationary such as client record cards, floor mats, sunbed eye protection etc.


Why would you rent a sunbed from ECS Sunbeds? Well, ECS have access to the top brands when it comes to hiring sunbeds, we use predominantly Ergoline sunbeds when hiring lie down sunbeds out. |We also rent Megasun sunbeds for lie downs, but only certain models. When it comes to renting a stand-up sunbed, we only use the American Leisure stand ups.

All our rental fleet undergo a full reconditioning process making the lie down sunbeds look almost new. The stand-up sunbeds are manufactured brand new to order. At ECS we are always looking to upgrade our rental fleet with higher specification sunbeds, all of our competitors don’t have the accessibility to the range of sunbeds, nor the number of engineers it requires to cover the whole of the UK with sunbed rentals. ECS sunbeds are the only company that cover the whole of the country when it comes to hiring a sunbed, we also stock the largest range of fully reconditioned sunbeds for sale.

All our reconditioned sunbeds, along with our rental sunbeds can be viewed at our showroom. We have the only fully-fitted sunbed showroom in the UK, we have around 20 sunbeds all on view where you can visit and see what sunbed you are renting or buying.

When it comes to planning your sunbed salon, we can help you every step of the way. We can offer you professional advice on all aspects from how many sunbeds you require, the cubicle size you will need for each sunbed, electrical specifications, plus many other questions you may have. So don’t delay if your thinking about hiring a commercial sunbed or buying a sunbed, ECS Sunbeds are your number one choice. For further information please call our team on 0151 924 6344 or send a message from our contact form here.