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Ergoline Prestige Sunbed

The Ergoline Prestige range are the most up to date ergoline sunbeds on the market. Ergoline Sunbeds are considered throughout the tanning world as the very best premium sunbeds that are available. Ergoline started the prestige range with the Ergoline 990, this sunbed was ahead of its class when it first came onto the market. It was one of the first sunbeds to have all the modern fixtures such as mp3 sound, 250w shoulder tanners, easy click-through options on the cockpit control, full body mould acrylics for comfort plus many more options.

Thereafter, came the Ergoline 1100 Prestige, this Ergoline sunbed was probably one of Ergolines biggest selling machines, the sheer size and additional features on the 1100 make the sunbed still sought after today. It’s unique style and display lights give the Ergoline 1100 Prestige a clear advantage over any of its competitors.

After the success in both performance, style and demand for the Ergoline 1100 Prestige, they produced the Ergoline 1400 and Ergoline 1600 Hybrid Prestige range. These sunbeds were fitted with colour change led lighting making the Ergoline sunbeds far superior to anything on the market. Somehow, Ergoline where able to keep “upping the bar” in all technology, performance, and designs. Ergolines’ ability to keep producing model after model containing new and far advanced technology really do make ergoline sunbeds far outclass anything available on the market.

Now we come to present day. Ergoline have produced the Prestige Lightvision range with the most futuristic technology in both lamp construction, design, and performance. Their ability to give clients the ultimate tan with blue light and red light technology far out passes anything. The new designs along with touch screen memory and level of tan choice, gives the client peace of mind that the sunbed they’re using will be performing to their skin choice and giving the user an unrivalled experience when tanning. The ergonomic body mould acrylics give a total relaxation feel when lying on the sunbed allowing you to drift off to another world whilst listening to soft mellow music or maybe your listening to songs of your choice by using the Bluetooth on the sunbed. Whatever your choice, you can be sure with Ergoline sunbeds your in the best possible hands when it comes to tanning.

All Ergoline sunbeds are available at ECS Sunbeds, you can visit our fully fitted showroom and experience that world beating tan. If you would like more information the please call 0151 924 6344 or message us on our contact page here