Ergoline Prestige Lightvision Reconditioned Commercial Sunbed to Purchase

Additional Information

The Ergoline Prestige Lightvision is available to purchase from ECS Sunbeds. It is a stunning sunbed which delivers an intense tan complete with skin caring Radiance Complete technology. This sunbed has a red light that stimulates oxygen production with over 200 Radiance LEDs which improves the tanning results and is certified by Medical Active. This sunbed is designed to provide a glowing complexion all over the body, including the neck and shoulders, and silky smooth skin.

The Prestige Lightvision allows the user total control of their tanning experience. It has two facial tanner technologies to select from – Ultra Performance Plus or Smart Light Performance. Ultra Performance Plus delivers intensive direct pigmentation whilst Smart Light Performance has a further Radiance component which delivers a long-lasting and natural-looking tan.

Further customisations to the tanning experience include Personal Sunstyle which allows users to select from three tanning packages ranging from gentle to intensive which allows a tailor made tanning result every time. Radiance LEDs, UVA LEDs and a UVB compact lamp deliver an intensive tan with extra skin care to the shoulder area.

Three zone ventilation guarantees absolute user comfort as face, body and feet ventilators can be separately controlled whilst the surround cooling washes the body with an even stream of air which is reminiscent of a sea breeze. Surround cooling has been improved on this model and is now quieter than on previous models to avoid posing a distraction to sunbed users.

To ensure that tanning is as comfortable as possible, Climatronic Plus allows the individual to control the air conditioning and heating inside the unit, quickly achieving and maintaining the desired temperature.

As with other Prestige models, the Lightvision has an electronic voice assistant, allowing users to control the sunbed by voice. This not only allows them to keep their eyes closed for the ultimate in relaxation, but it also improves user safety. Activating the voice control assistant is very simple – the user only has to touch the inner display or say the word, “EVA”. When this happens, the sunbed automatically reduces the music volume and ventilation for a few seconds to allow the user to give their voice commands.

This sunbed has over 200 High-Performance LEDs with an Optimised Radiance LED reflector system. Four Smartsun UVB-spaghettis deliver effective tanning for the face whilst 14 Smartsun Plus lamps deliver a smooth and natural-looking tan for the body.


Body Lamps:- 52 x 200w

High-pressure facials:- 4 x 520w

4 x Smart sun UVB Spaghettis:- Hybrid shoulder tan

Dynamic Performance:- Selective UV Intensity

Condition – Refurbished