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Ergoline sunbed parts

Have you got an Ergoline sunbed that requires parts? ECS Sunbeds are the largest supplier of Ergoline sunbeds, both on rental and to purchase. We hold in stock all the spare parts for Ergolines such as main boards, slot boards, filters, and Ergoline acrylics. Owning an Ergoline sunbed can be quite expensive if it breaks down or if you do not get a qualified, Ergoline technician to take care of any repairs.

Ergoline 1400 Prestige sunbed Most Ergoline sunbeds require a computer to programme or re-programme the sunbed in the event of a breakdown. Nowadays, sunbeds are like cars they require diagnostic equipment to check the health of the machine or to find where the problem lies. ECS Sunbeds supplies all parts for Ergoline sunbeds and their technicians are fully trained on Ergoline sunbeds. The technicians carry most spare parts on their vans when going out to repair issues.

Finding out what the issue is when your Ergoline sunbed breaks down is a simple procedure. On your cockpit control panel, an error code will appear, (for example Eo41). If you make a note of this code and let us know, we can pretty much tell you exactly what the fault is, this makes it easier to quote for the repair. We can also advise on whether or not you can carry on using the sunbed safely. When it comes to replacing the sunbed acrylics, ECS Sunbeds stock most of the acrylics for Ergoline sunbeds and Megasun sunbeds. Many other companies have to order the acrylics and that may take some time to deliver. Ordering a sunbed acrylic can take weeks to deliver.

All Ergoline parts have a code. If you are not sure what the part you require is called, simply send us the code or take a picture of the part you require, and we can help you identify it. Ergoline sunbeds are one of the most reliable sunbeds on the market, usually, if they break down it’s mainly overheating issues caused by poor ventilation in the room. E041-E040-E057 are all temperature related and can be resolved by cleaning and maintaining your sunbed correctly. Sunbeds that are squeezed into small rooms and have no extraction or vents to remove hot air will be prone to constant breakdowns and will, inevitably, require new temperature sensors, fan circuit boards, or airflow switches. Ergoline sunbeds and Megasun sunbeds are really expensive sunbeds, if you look after them, they will run forever.

To find out more about Ergoline sunbed parts, just call 0151 924 6344 or leave a message on our contact page here