Ergoline 400 Advantage

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Are you looking for the perfect sunbed to rent but aren’t sure what model sunbed to hire? Then the Ergoline 400 Advantage could be the perfect sunbed to rent. It has 40 160w body lamps along with 3 high-pressure facials making this Ergoline sunbed a perfect sunbed to rent. It has a pictured display on the cover that lights up making the sunbed stand out, it is available in red or blue and this Ergoline rental sunbed is in a class of its own. It has controllable body fans and Bluetooth can be fitted as an optional extra. The tanning performance of this Ergoline sunbed is second to none and it is also reliable and robust to handle the day-to-day rigors of a busy sunbed salon. When you hire an Ergoline sunbed from us we cover all the servicing and repairs, so, if you want to hire an Ergoline sunbed call the UK’s largest sunbed rental company today.

The Ergoline 400 Advantage is a great addition to any tanning salon when hiring a sunbed. Its compactness allows it to fit into small cubicles. Having 40 x 160w lamps and 3x HPF allows this commercial sunbed to give a deep dark tan every time. With its decorative canopy light along with an easy comfort acrylic makes the Ergoline 400 Advantage an affordable addition to your salon. Hire a sunbed from ECS Sunbeds today.

Additional options such as Bluetooth connectivity are available

This fantastic Ergoline 400 Advantage sunbed can be viewed in our showroom
With this sunbed rental, you will receive:
Free Repairs
Free Servicing

Sunbed retubes

When it comes to retubing your sunbed, after 600 hours of usage you have a choice. You can either

  • Purchase your lamps from ECS Sunbeds at a discounted price, along with FREE fitting.
  • You can purchase your lamps from an alternative supplier and fit them yourself or you can use a qualified sunbed engineer to install your lamps.

All of the tanning lamps that go into your rental tanning beds must be EU 0.3 regulated. Any tanning lamps fitted into your rental sunbed/s, by anyone else other than by ECS Sunbeds, ECS Sunbeds will not be held liable for non-compliance. Any damage to our rental sunbeds, whilst it is being retubed by any engineer, (unless it is ECS Sunbeds), the client will have to pay for the repair.


Body Lamps:- 40 x 1.8m

High-pressure facials:- 3 x GY9.5

Starters x 40