Megasun 4500 Reconditioned Commercial Sunbed for rent or hire

Additional Information

The Megasun 4500 meets all the technical requirements of the middle-class tanning machine with integrated various new features such as body moulded acrylic for comfort, easy touch cockpit control, adjustable fans and different tanning levels for HPF. On the outside of the machine, there is decorative lighting to light up the canopy and the front of the sunbed. The Megasun 4500 is perfect when looking for sunbed hire. Available at ECS Sunbeds.

Additional options such as Bluetooth connectivity is available

This fantastic Megasun 4500 sunbed can be viewed in our showroom
With this sunbed rental you will receive
Free Repairs
Free Servicing
Free Re-tunbes (after 600 hrs usage)


Body Lamps:- 40 x 160w

High pressure facials:- 3 x 400w

Body ventilation:- Hot air extract

Condition – Refurbished