Tansun Symphony Reconditioned Commercial Sunbed for rent or hire

Additional Information

The Tansun Symphony is a 48 tube commercial stand up. This was of the UK’s best selling sunbeds in the early 2000’s. Today it is still going strong in salons across the UK. It’s 48 x 180w lamps give an incredible tanning performance, with very little maintenance and easy to clean. It’s not hard to see that even though this tanning unit is over twenty years old, it is still in great demand.

Additional options such as Bluetooth connectivity is available

This fantastic Tansun Symphony sunbed can be viewed in our showroom
With this sunbed rental you will receive
Free Repairs
Free Servicing
Free Re-tunbes (after 600 hrs usage)


Body Lamps:- 48 x 180w

Hour counter:- Music speakers

Condition – Refurbished