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Sunbed Showroom in the UK

showroom at ecs sunbedWhen it comes to Renting Sunbeds or Purchasing Sunbeds, people always ask where are all the sunbed showrooms? Well, there is only one fully fitted-out sunbed showroom in the UK and that is at ECS Sunbeds. Many companies claim they have showrooms, and you will find that when you visit them it’s a sunbed shop with sunbeds in and they ask you just to look at the sunbeds they have in their shop. This is not professional when you’re expecting to see lots of lie downs and stand ups all presented in perfect condition. Secondly, other competitors will have a bit of a garage, lock-up or warehouse where they will have 4 to 5 sunbeds on pallets and say to you these are the types we have but we can get others. Again, this is not what you are expecting when you think it is supposed to be a showroom. You wouldn’t buy a new car without going to visit a fully fitted-out showroom.

have a purpose built 4,500 square ft sunbed showroom especially for tanning equipment, we have Ergoline Sunbeds along with Megasun Sunbeds for lie downs and for stand ups we have the American Leisure V48 and V60 all on display. Our sunbed showroom has approximately 18 lie down sunbeds, all fully reconditioned and available to be seen working. We have a range of stand ups for you to see also. We have a seating area along with coffee and tea facilities etc. When visiting us, we can take you to our other warehouse where you can see the refurbishment process taking place.

All our sales staff are fully trained and have vast amounts of knowledge in every aspect of opening a tanning salon and they are happy to sit with you and go through all the details of the sunbeds you may require. We can help you with floor plans, layouts, room sizes and electrical specifications. We offer a range of tanning lotions to get you started on your journey in the tanning world. If you are considering opening a tanning salon and you want the best possible advice, then ECS Sunbeds are the perfect choice for you! We are the UK’s largest sunbed rental company and also the largest supplier of fully reconditioned sunbeds.

For further information just call 0151 924 6344 or you can find where we are located on the map Here.