American Leisure V60 VTU New – Reconditioned Commercial Sunbed to Purchase

Additional Information

This amazing vertical tanning unit is manufactured by American Leisure in the UK. This stand up sunbed is only available to purchase from ECS Sunbeds. It is a 60 tube sunbed and has been manufactured for the busy salon, it’s unique design means it is able to be used constantly without fear of overheating, making the American Leisure V60 VTU the perfect choice when hiring a sunbed.
One of the unique advantages of this stand up sunbed is it comes in 2 sizes, which enables it to be used in salons with restrictive ceiling space.

For an additional cost, we can upgrade your rental stand up sunbed to include LED colour change door along with
Bluetooth connection. Sunbed finance is available at ECS Sunbeds.This fantastic American Leisure sunbed can be viewed in our showroom.


Body Lamps:- 60x 180w

Grills / Acrylics:- Hour Counter

Removable floor plate for cleaning:- Music speakers

Condition – Brand New