American Leisure V48 Stand up Sunbed for rent or hire

Rent £252 per month including vat
Additional Information

Are you looking to hire a stand up sunbed? Are you not sure which stand up to choose? Now you can rent an American Leisure stand up, fully reconditioned from the UK’s largest sunbed rental company. This rental stand up is available on a 12-month rental contract and is perfect for that busy sunbed salon. It is designed for the rigors of day to day tanning and is one of the most reliable stand up sunbeds to rent. It has 48 x 2m tanning lamps giving the stand up sunbed a perfect tanning performance. When it comes to, it is the only stand up sunbed that has a cleaning plate in the base, so you can have easy access to keep the ventilation circulating and your sunbed in tip top condition. When you rent a stand up, we cover all the repairs, servicing and retubes and we are the only sunbed rental company that will retube your sunbed totally free of charge after 600 hours usage. Colour motion and Bluetooth can be added to your rental stand up sunbed as an optional extra. So, if you are looking to hire a stand up sunbed, then ECS Sunbeds have them in stock ready to go.

For an additional cost, we can upgrade you’re rental stand up sunbed to include an LED color change door along with
Bluetooth connection.

This fantastic American Leisure V48  sunbed can be viewed in our showroom.
With this sunbed rental, you will receive:
Free Repairs
Free Servicing
Free Re-tubes (after 600 hrs usage)


Body Lamps:- 48 x 180w / 48 x 160w

Grills or Acrylics:- Emergency stop

Removable floor plate for cleaning:- Music speakers

Hour counter :- Intelligent airflow

Condition – New