Ergoline 400 Inspiration Sunbed for rent or hire

Rent £252 per month including vat
Additional Information

The 400 Inspiration is a premium rental sunbed offered by ECS Sunbeds, the UK’s largest sunbed rental company. This fantastic looking sunbed can be yours on a monthly rental scheme for £252 per month including V.A.T. Hiring an Ergoline Inspiration will give your salon an exclusive addition. Nowhere can you rent the Ergoline inspiration apart from ECS Sunbeds without you having to sign up to a 2-3 year contract. One of the best features when you hire an Ergoline sunbed from us, is that we cover all repairs and servicing. The free retube will save you around £500 per retube, so that’s an amazing saving! It also gives you peace of mind that you are covered in the event of breakdown.

So why is the Ergoline 400 Inspiration so sought after? Well, it has body-moulded acrylics for total relaxation when tanning, it can also be fitted with Bluetooth as an optional extra. One of its best features is the tanning performance. For a sunbed rental, this sunbed gives a salon that little bit extra as the Ergoline Inspiration is always in high demand – it is the go-to sunbed when it comes to hiring sunbeds. It’s reliability and is second to none with it being an Ergoline sunbed. When renting an Ergoline sunbed, you get the satisfaction of knowing that it can cope with the rigors of day to day tanning and its tanning performance will not let you down. Hiring an Ergoline 400 Inspiration is a simple process, just give us a call and our fully experienced sales team will guide you from start to install.

Additional options such as Bluetooth connectivity is available

This fantastic Ergoline 400 Inspiration sunbed can be viewed in our showroom
With this sunbed rental you will receive
Free Repairs
Free Servicing


Body Lamps:- 40 x 160w

High-pressure facials:- 3 x 500w

Body ventilation:- Hot air extract 

Condition – Refurbished