Ergoline 450 Inspiration Sunbed for rent or hire

Rent £252 per month including vat
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Are you thinking of hiring a sunbed? Well, take a look at the Ergoline 450 Inspiration, it is the ultimate in sunbed rental. Renting the Ergoline Inspiration, you will find it has 4 high-pressure facials and, along with its base and body lamps, the Ergoline sunbed gives an unrivaled tanning performance. When it comes to sunbed rental, ECS Sunbeds can offer the Ergoline Inspiration 450 on a sunbed hire agreement without the need to sign up for 2-3 years. The Ergoline Inspiration has a body mould base acrylic that gives you total relaxation while tanning. Also, the 450 Inspiration has a combination of 1.8m lamps and 2m lamps, making the results for tanning unrivaled. The Ergoline Inspiration can be fitted with Bluetooth as an optional extra. This fantastic Ergoline sunbed rental also comes with free servicing and repairs. The lamps we send with your sunbed are American Leisure tanning lamps. These lamps have an effective lifespan of 800 hours; however, we want our clients to obtain the best possible performance from their sunbeds. So, before any depreciation occurs in your tanning lamps, we always replace them at 600 hours. Hiring a sunbed from ECS Sunbeds is a simple and straightforward process, our fully experienced sales team can guide you through renting an Ergoline Inspiration from start to install.

Additional options such as Bluetooth connectivity are available

This fantastic Ergoline 450 Inspiration sunbed can be viewed in our showroom
With this sunbed rental, you will receive
Free Repairs
Free Servicing


Body Lamps:- 42 x 180w – 160w

High-pressure facials:- 4 x 400w

Body ventilation:- Hot air extract 

Condition – Refurbished