Ergoline 600 Evolution Sunbed for rent or hire

Rent £252 per month including vat
Additional Information

The Ergoline 600 Evolution is one of the most sought-after sunbeds to hire in the UK and the Ergoline 600 Evolution is only available to hire throughout the UK from ECS Sunbeds. As renting sunbeds go, the Ergoline Evolution has a fantastic tanning performance, coupled with the shoulder and neck tanners makes the 600 Evolution a premium rental sunbed. Ergoline sunbeds are renowned for their performance and reliability, they are designed and built for the rigors of day-to-day tanning, robust enough for busy clientele traffic. When hiring a sunbed from ECS Sunbeds, we cover all repairs and servicing. We like our clients to know that we change the lamps long before they start to depreciate, always giving your customers the best possible tan.

For an additional cost, we can upgrade your rental sunbed to include LED’s along with Bluetooth connection.

This fantastic Ergoline sunbed can be viewed in our showroom
With this sunbed rental you will receive
Free Repairs
Free Servicing


Body Lamps:- 46 x 160w

High-pressure facials:- 3 x 500w

Shoulder Tanners:- 7 x 25w

Neck Tanners:- 6 x 25w

Condition – Refurbished