Megasun P9 Sunbed

Additional Information

This beautiful sunbed was designed in the footsteps of the iconic motorcar, the Porsche 911. The Megasun P9S sunbed from KBL was built in conjunction with Studio F.A. Porsche and has introduced a new era of sunbed design, it is also setting new standards in UV technology for the face as well as full body tanning. Impressive technology and breathtaking design in perfect harmony. The P9 series sets new design standards for sunbeds. The P9 combines a unique design with outstanding technical performance that captivates customers who enjoy a high-grade tanning experience.
Earlier UV systems generate unwanted heat during a tanning session as a result of infrared radiation, which often leads to reddened or taught skin after sunbathing. The P9S’s innovative LED-based “SunSphere” system avoids this unwanted infrared radiation and only uses the wavelengths desired during tanning, it is evenly distributed via aspherical glass lenses. Blue UVA LEDs guarantee excellent direct pigmentation for an immediately visible tan. Red beauty LEDs provide skin care while tanning. And yellow UVB special lamps build up pigments and vitamin D.

The perfect spectral combination for an incomparable tanning experience. In addition, the new “SunSphere” system offers a consistently high LED output, makes high-pressure bulb changes unnecessary, and drastically reduces your power consumption.

Lamp Specification

18 x 200 W Pure Sunlight
8 x 200 W Smart Sunlight
3 x Extrasun 8w Facials
4 x Sunsphere Facials
2 x Extrasun 8w Shoulders
40 Beauty Booster

16 x 200 W Pure Sunlight
8 x 200 W Smart Sunlight