Ergoline 500 SPL Inspiration Reconditioned Commercial Sunbed to Purchase

Additional Information

The Ergoline Inspiration 500 SLP is an affordable introduction to Ergoline’s hybrid technology. Smart Light Performance (SLP) combines intensive tanning UV light with skin-caring Beauty Light in a high-pressure facial tanner. The combination of a high-performance lamp, a 120x specially coated glass reflector, and a newly developed filter disc offers an intensive and long-lasting tan with simultaneous skin care despite the reduced UVA content.
The red Beauty Light components promote blood circulation and thus optimise the tanning results – without a higher UV dose. At the same time, the Beauty Light cares for the skin during sunbathing and provides a particularly beautiful and fresh complexion. The three additional smartsun spaghetti lamps complement the spectrum with a combination of UVB and Beauty Light. After a few hours, a beautiful, natural, and long-lasting tan develops. Available, fully reconditioned at ECS Sunbeds. Finance packages are available to suit your budget.


Body Lamps:- 38 x 160w

High pressure facials:- 3 x 420w + 2 x 8w UVB Spaghettis

Smart Performance:- Body venllaon

Condition – Refurbished