Ergoline 575 Affinity Reconditioned Commercial Sunbed to Purchase

Additional Information

The Ergoline 575 Affinity is an ergonomically styled sunbed. This unique sunbed does not have high-pressure facials, instead, it has small pencil booster tubes between the body lamps. What is even more impressive is the canopy contains 2m lamps giving you a top to toe all over, even suntan. This stylish sunbed has amazing display lights that give the sunbed a unique look. This is a highly sought-after tanning machine for the sunbed market.
Additional options such as Bluetooth connectivity are available


Body Lamps:- 17 x 180w – 17 x 160w

Pencil Booster Tubes:- 31 x 25w

Body ventilation:- Hot air extract

Condition – Refurbished