Ergoline 600 Inspiration Reconditioned Commercial Sunbed to Purchase

Additional Information

The Ergoline 600 Inspiration With its 2-circuit ventilation system, 3D sound and NFC, the Inspiration 600 offers a level of comfort that is otherwise only available in the luxury class. With 4 facial tanners and 42 UV lamps (Smart Performance), the Inspiration 600 marks the top end of the compact class. With 3 facial tanners and 38 UV lamps in Smart Performance technology, the Inspiration 500 offers outstanding tanning performance with an energy-saving effect. Available, fully reconditioned at ECS Sunbeds. Sunbed finance packages are available.


Body Lamps:- 42 x 200w

High pressure facials:- 4 x 400w + 3 x 8w

Body ventilation:- Smart performance

Condition – Refurbished