Ergoline 700 Affinity Reconditioned Commercial Sunbed to Purchase

Additional Information

The Ergoline Affinity 700 guarantees a sunny break! Its striking lines, attention-grabbing LED Light Show and brightly lit tanning tunnel invite you to relax and sunbathe. On the body, 46 UV lamps with new Advanced Performance technology enable a significantly improved tanning performance compared to the predecessor models. In the facial area, Ultra Performance Plus technology with 3 facial tanners and 2 additional UVB spaghettis guarantees a 0.3-optimised tanning performance. The Ergoline 700 Affinity is available to purchase at ECS Sunbeds with sunbed finance


Body Lamps:-46 x 160w

High pressure facials:- 3 x 500w + 2 x 8w

Advanced performance:- Shoulder tan 7 x 25w

Condition – Refurbished