Ergoline Bluevision Spectra Reconditioned Commercial Sunbed to Purchase

Additional Information

The Ergoline Prestige Bluevision Spectra uses the latest LED technology for impressive tanning results. 120 activating light LEDs have an activating effect on the organism due to the blue light and prepare the skin for tanning. This enables fast visible and particularly intensive direct pigmentation. Thanks to the reduced infrared radiation, the new Ergoline Spectra LED facial tanner is gentler and more pleasant than high-pressure facial tanners. Performance does not have to be sacrificed, Ergoline Spectra always guarantees 100% performance and an evenly intensive tan all over the facial area. The Ergoline Bluevision Spectra is available at ECS Sunbeds with finance packages.


Body Lamps:- 52 x 200w

High pressure facials:- 4 x 520w

4 x Smart sun UVB Spaghetti:- Selective UV Intensity

Condition – Refurbished