Ergoline Prestige 1100 Reconditioned Commercial Sunbed to Purchase

Additional Information

The Ergoline 1100 Prestige sunbed is in a class of its own, whilst it’s not one of the latest Ergoline sunbeds it is one of the most sought sunbeds from Ergoline, At ECS Sunbeds we have the Ergoline 1100 Prestige in our showroom fully reconditioned ready to go. It is visually stunning and when all the display lights are on, it gives a glow and a look of excellence. The additional options on the Ergoline sunbed are amazing with features such as Aqua, Aroma, Air conditioning, mp3, and voice guide to name a few. The Prestige 1100 from Ergoline is an all-electronic sunbed which means in the current climate it’s a lot cheaper to run than conventional sunbeds.

The body mould acrylics give the sunbed an ergonomic look, they are surprisingly comfy to lie on whilst you’re tanning. The body mould in the base acrylic allows you to sink into the bed whilst getting that all-over, perfect, and luxurious tan. Buying an Ergoline sunbed gives you peace of mind, due to it being manufactured by the world’s leading sunbed manufacturer, it has all the reliability and performance you would expect. Buying the Ergoline 1100 Prestige through ECS Sunbeds is a simple process; we offer different ways of payment methods such as sunbed finance (through one of our partners) we also offer, in some cases, rent to buy on this incredible sunbed.

Nowhere in the UK can you buy an Ergoline Prestige sunbed on a rent-to-buy scheme apart from ECS Sunbeds. This is a scheme where you pay a large deposit and then take the balance over a set period. It is like a finance contract however, there is no credit check making this sunbed available to everyone. So, if it’s an Ergoline sunbed you are looking for then ECS sunbeds are the company for you.

This Ergoline Prestige 1100 with 52 Body lamps provide an intense body tan.
The facial tanner system with 4 Ultra Performance Plus high-pressure modules and 3 additional UV-B 15W spaghetti lamps meet the expectations of the most demanding customers. It is also complemented by 2 powerful 250W Ultra Performance shoulder tanners.
The Climatronic Plus system allows you to quickly reach and maintain a constant temperature throughout the tanning process comfortable for the customer. This is enabled by special acrylic in the head and feet section, which also isolates the tanning circle from outside noise to let enjoy the 3D-Sound system, which offers an unforgettable experience.
MP3 station and SD card slot will let you enjoy your favourite music in the highest possible quality. The highest comfort is provided by an innovative cockpit with understandable symbols and the Voice Guide system. This fully reconditioned sunbed is available at ECS Sunbeds along with sunbed finance packages.


Body Lamps:- 52 x 200w

High pressure facials:- 4 x 520w + 3 x 15w

Shoulder lamps 2 x 250w:- Dynamic power

Condition – Refurbished