Ergoline Prestige Bluevision Reconditioned Commercial Sunbed to Purchase

Additional Information

The Ergoline Prestige Bluevision is available to purchase from ECS Sunbeds. This sunbed is a technological masterpiece which combines the latest in UV technology with the power provided by 120 LED bulbs. A patent is pending for the new blue light technology which works to prepare the skin for tanning, resulting in a more intense outcome.

The Personal Sunstyle feature allows users to choose from three individual programmes to select the one that best suits their style and preference. These range from gentle to intense and whichever programme is chosen, additional skin care is delivered to the shoulder area via a combination of Radiance LEDs, UVA LEDs and a UVB compact lamp which work together to provide the perfect all over tan.

The Ergoline Prestige Bluevision features an electronic voice assistant which allows users to give voice commands during use for heightened levels of safety and relaxation during the tanning process. Touching the internal display or saying the word “EVA” activates the voice control system and temporarily lowers the music volume and ventilation to allow voice commands to be clearly delivered to the system by the user.

The user can also control the levels of ventilation across the three zones of their body whilst in the sunbed, tailoring the ventilators for their face, body and feet as required and as many times as they need to during the tanning experience.

For the ultimate in tanning comfort, the Ergoline Prestige Bluevision sunbed offers surround cooling whereby a sea breeze-style air stream is delivered around the body whilst Climatronic Plus technology ensures that the user’s desired temperature is quickly achieved and then maintained throughout the tanning experience. Cooling technologies have been made quieter than on previous models, again improving user relaxation whilst tanning.

This sunbed is supplied with 52 body lamps, 4 face lamps and 4 smartsun UVB shoulder tanners. Additional features to personalise the tanning experience include cinematic sound with Bluetooth, a multi relax laying surface, aqua fresh technology, aromatherapy, a choice of over 200 colours and light animations, a 10 inch exterior touch screen and a 7 inch interior touch screen. A video function is available on both screens.


Body Lamps:- 52 x 200w

High-pressure facials:- 4 x 520w

4 x Smart sun UVB Spaghetti:-Selectable UV Intensity

Activating Light Technology:-Activating Light Technology

Condition – Refurbished