MegaSun 8000 Hybrid

Additional Information

A Sunbed for the Highest Salon Demands

The MegaSun 8000 Hybrid Sunbed is available at ECS Sunbeds and it gleams on the outside and uses the latest technology on the inside. It combines the benefits of different spectral variants, consisting of cutting-edge tubes and an intelligent controller connected to the Intelligent Control System. It imitates natural sunlight with all its effects on body and mind — from traditional/subtle to Caribbean/intensive. Seventy HyperRed Beauty Boosters regulate the moisture content of the skin and stimulate natural collagen formation — the number one anti-ageing agent. The result: Wrinkles disappear and the skin appears firmer and youthfully fresh.

Lamp specifications:

Body Lamps:- 50 x Body Lamps

4 x High Pressure Facial Lamps

70  x Beauty Booster Lamps

2 x Shoulder Tanners